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Woman Conquers HIV without Medicine

Scientists have recognized the second person who has conquered HIV AIDS without medical treatment, as the latest article was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

The patient, who is living in Argentina, was detected with HIV in 2013. Since been 2017, the team of scientists has been looking into the DNA of the patients for the traces of the virus. They even checked her placenta after giving birth in March 2020. After checking her sequencing cells, the scientists later set that she is no longer having HIV AIDS.

Many people have controlled the HIV AIDS virus due to modern medicine and for that, they had to take antiretroviral therapy on regular basis to preclude the virus from reproducing.

Woman Conquers HIV without Medicine

Earlier in 2020, the scientists have shared the report on Loreen Willenberg saying that they had found the first-ever known case of a sterilizing cure without the help of modern medicine.

Loreen Willenberg and the woman patient in Argentina known as the best regulator, a very limited subset of HIV AIDS patients whose immune system naturally defeats the virus.

As per the STAT, the patients in Argentina are known as Esperanza patients as she hails from the city of Esperanza. The woman also has a daughter, who is HIV free and she is also expecting a second child.