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WeWork Shares Rise on First Day of Trading

WeWork Inc. shares soared high on their first day of trading as the company made its debut in the public market at the New York Stock Exchange. The companies co-founder Adam Neumann partied with early employees.

The shared office space companies stock was up in early trading more than 10 percent as stakeholders loaded in. This indicates that the company will advantage after the pandemic hit by a modification to more flexible working arrangements. The stock of the company was trading 10.3 percent higher at $11.45, approximately after two hours of market opening.

WeWork Shares Rise on First Day of Trading

WeWork has opened its first office in 2010 that has offered an opportunity to its early employees and private market investors their first chance to sell the stock in the company. This step also heightens Adam Neumann, who acquiescent in 2019 as chief executive under the fall of the company’s first effort to go public at a $47bn valuation.

Adam Neumann got 11 percent shares of the company that is more than $1bn worth. Neumann would not be able to sell his shares for the next nine months.

Adam Neumann and co-founder Miguel McKelvey have held a party with dozens of initial WeWork employees to celebrate the public listing at Standard Hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

WeWork has lost $3.2bn in 2020 and also told that a $3bn loss first half of 2021. But the contract with BowX will offer WeWork with $1.3bn with a $150m investment from Cushman & Wakefield.