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US Surgeons Transplants Pig Kidney into a Human

US Surgeons say that they have successfully transplanted a pig’s kidney into a human being who was brain-dead. Usually, the sugar in pig cells causes immediate organ rejection as foreign to the human body. The pig whose kidney was used for an experiment was a genetically modified animal. The pig was contrived to eradicate that sugar and avoid an immune system attack.

The surgeon connected the pig kidney outside the body a brain-dead person so that they could observe it thoroughly for two days. As per observations of the Surgeons, the kidney functioned properly doing all the work such as filtering waste and producing urine.

Pigs have a great advantage over apes and monkeys and using pig organs is a completely new idea although. Pigskin grafts are used on burns whereas in China Surgeons have utilized pig corneas to reestablish vision. Pig heart valve was also been used successfully for decades in humans. Pig organs are a good match for humans when it comes to size.

US Surgeons Transplants Pig Kidney into a Human

Dr. Robert Montgomery, New York University (NYU) Langone Health medical Centre, who lead the surgical team said that “It had absolutely normal function,”

Large numbers of biotech companies are trying to advance suitable pig organs for transplant to aid the unavailability of human organs. In the United States, more than 90,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant.

Earlier in December, the Food and Drug Administration authorized the gene alteration in the Revivicor pigs as safe for human food consumption and medicine. FDA also said that the biotech companies need to submit more paperwork before the pig organ could be transplanted into live human beings.