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Twitter is rolling out blue mark verification process again to the public

Twitter blue badge verification process

Twitter is going to launch its blue Tick mark verification process once again to the public. Users will be able to submit the application form to get the blue verified badge directly from the Account settings.

The company has stopped the verification since 2017. Users need to have a complete profile with a clear picture, and either a confirmed email address and phone number attached to the account in order to qualify for the verification process.

Twitter is rolling out blue mark verification process again to the public

And on the application, the user needs to identify which they fit into the verification. There are six categories that are qualified for verification as mentioned below:

Apart from these, Twitter is planning to add more categories later on such as scientists, academics, and religious leaders. Twitter says the verification process is handled by a dedicated team of humans though the part of the process will be automated

Once a user submits an application then they will get the response in few days to a few weeks. If the application approved, the blue badge will be applied to the user’s profile. If the application gets rejected then you can apply again after 30 days

Twitter also says that if someone already has a blue badge but the profile is inactive or has incomplete data then the badges will be removed from such accounts.

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