Apple Earned $151 Profit Per iPhone in Q3 2017

Apple Earned $151 Profit Per iPhone in Q3 2017

Apple’s average profit per handset was $151 (around Rs. 9,600) in the July-September quarter, five times greater than that of its nearest rival Samsung, on the basis of research firm Counterpoint. Counterpoint reported in its ‘Market Monitor program for Q3 2017’ report. The report noted that the all over world mobile handset profits had grown 13 percent year-on-year in the July-September 2017 quarter .”

Samsung, which had some of the foremost collection of fashions throughout value bands in its portfolio, had a benefit in keeping with unit of $31 (roughly Rs. 1,900) in the same period, Counterpoint reported in its ‘Market Monitor program for Q3 2017’ report. The portfolio is famous in the worldwide because mobile handset earnings had grown 13% year-on-year in the July-September 2017 quarter “due to strong performance of Samsung and Chinese brands”.

“Apple’s per unit profit is five times greater than Samsung and almost 14 times greater than the average per unit profit of Chinese brands. Apple’s per unit profit rise at $151 (roughly Rs. 9600) in Q3 2017,” the file stated.

“Strong comeback made by Samsung in the third quarter with its Note 8 series while S8 series continues to perform on par. The profit quota reached 26 percent as compared to its loss during Q3 2016 due to Note 7 failure,” it added.

However, when Xiaomi compared to its Chinese peers – had a lower per unit profit of $2 (Rs.128) as it plays on very thin margins, the report said.

“This is the first time ever when the increasing profits of Chinese brands crossed $1.5 billion (roughly Rs. 9600 crores) for the first in a single quarter,” Counterpoint Associate Director Tarun Pathak stated.”The increasing growth of Chinese brands can be impute to the attentive efforts in streamlining the supply chain with rising mix of mid to high-end smartphones in their portfolio,” he said adding that even in the exclusive segment, players like Huawei are positioning their flagship models.

“This strategy is made to impale exclusive market while increasing revenue and profit,”

Apple consider for just about 60 p.c of the entire earnings generated in cell handset phase, acquired through Samsung (26 p.c) and Huawei (four.nine p.c). Oppo and Vivo captured fourth and 5th spot, basically pushed through their efficiency in China.
Counterpoint Research Director Neil Shah said Apple still generates more than $150 (roughly Rs. 9600) profit per iPhone sold and this will continue increase into the holiday season quarter, afloat by the high price iPhone X series.