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SpaceX Fixes Toilet before weekend Crew-3 launch

SpaceX is overcoming some Toilet problems in its Dragon capsules before beginning four more astronauts. The NASA and space tourism company said that they want to make sure any Toilet leakages won’t be trade-off the capsule launching on Sunday from Kennedy Space Center or another one that has been stationed at International Space Station.

During SpaceX’s first flight, a tube came separated, dropping urine onto fans and underneath the floor. The same issue was found inside the Dragon capsule at the space station. To fix this toile leakage permanently the SpaceX has welded on the urine-flushing tube that’s inside the company’s Endurance capsule by its Unites States and German crew member. But the NASA has not completed the appraising the last-minute fix.

NASA astronaut and the spacecraft commander, Raja Chari, said that he is very confident in the repairs. The team of SpaceX has very quickly solved the issue, with approximately hundreds of team members were working on it to make sure the crew remains always safe.

SpaceX Fixes Toilet before weekend Crew-3 launch

SpaceX is also accompanying a test to make sure the leaked liquid did not deteriorate the capsule during the past six months. Any structural destruction to the capsule could threaten the astronauts during their journey back to the Earth next month. The final will be concluded later this week.

NASA moved to Boeing and SpaceX to carry astronauts to and from the space station back to the Earth, succeeding the withdrawal of the shuttle fleet in 2011. Till now, Boeing has failed to launch astronauts to the space station. Before SpaceX took over on its job, the United States astronauts were riding through the Russian spacecraft.

This will be SpaceX’s fourth takeoff of NASA crew member and its fifth traveler voyage to date.