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SolarWinds Hackers Targeting U.S. IT Supply Chain

Microsoft said that the Russian hackers, who have been accused of an attack on the U.S. government and private companies including SolarWinds, are now targeting the global IT supply chain, including the providers and resellers of cloud technology.

Microsoft has allocated the synchronized attack, which was initially witnessed in May, to a group titled Nobelium. Nobelium is Russian hackers who have been used sophisticated violation techniques to infect with virus approximately 18,000 customers of SolarWinds Corporation.

SolarWinds Hackers Targeting U.S. IT Supply Chain

Microsoft further said that about 140 technology service providers and resellers have been informed of the recent objectives of the malware and of they have been negotiated. The company said in June that Nobelium was also after an attack on the government, IT companies, financial service corporations, and think tanks which has traversed 36 countries.

Earlier in the summer, the United States President Joe Biden has shared a list of 16 critical sectors with Russian President Vladimir Putin which should not be attacked to discourage a cyber-response from the U.S. government. But still, the cyber-attacks on U.S. private sectors have not stopped yet.

Earlier in May, the White House delivered an administrative command advising the private sector to support its cyber defenses. White House further said that they are accumulating their intelligence sharing and other procedures to defend against cyber-attack.

The Nobelium attackers were not endeavoring to utilize susceptibilities or faults in the software but they were consuming some unique technique to snip the credentials.