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Robinhood hit by Data Breach

Robinhood, the trading application, stated that it was blown up by a data breach, which has opened the details of their millions of customers, and later on the hackers has also necessitated a coercion payment.

The company stated that the hacker attack permitted the unlicensed party to gain a list of email addresses for approximately 5 million people and in detail names of another group of about 2 million people.

As per the company, the occurrence initiated a very limited number of people, about 310 in total, to have their dates of birth, names, and zip codes uncovered. Approximately 10 customers in detail account formation exposed. The company released a statement saying that no account numbers or credits card numbers, Social Security numbers were not revealed and no financial loss to any customers exposed in the incident.

Robinhood hit by data breach

Market Shares of the Robinhood were dropped approximately 3 percent in after-hours trading on Monday.

The hackers acquired access to Robinhood’s customer support systems by posturing as their customer support employee on phone. The Robinhood has already informed the law enforcement but did not specify that whether it obeyed the extortion payment demand.

Approximately 22 million users have funded accounts at Robinhood, with 19 million users were vigorously consuming their accounts throughout September.

The Robinhood said that it is in the development of making applicable revelations to affected people and is enduring its investigation with the help of security firm Mandiant.