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Pfizer to Allow Other Nations to make its COVID-19 Pill

The US drug manufacturer company Pfizer said that they have signed a licensing contract to allow other Nations to its experimental COVID-19 pill. Pfizer has signed a contract with Medicines Patent Pool, which is a United Nations-backed public health organization.

The agreement will allow generic medicine manufacturers to make the COVID-19 pill accessible in 95 low and mid-level countries covering 53 percent of the globe’s population. The Pfizer pill Paxlovid or PF-07321332 will be given to the COVID-19 patients along with an older antiviral medication called ritonavir.

Earlier this month the drug manufacturer publicized the results from its trial saying that their interim analysis was scheduled to end. The results displayed an 89 percent decrease in the risk of hospitalization or death from the Covid-19 among the people to whom the drug has been given within the first three days of symptom inception.

Pfizer to Allow Other Nations to make its COVID-19 Pill

The Medicines Patent Pool which was originated by Unitaid 10 years ago, simplifies fast admittance to medicines for people in low- and middle-level income countries.

In the last month, Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, Merck, and the Medicines Patent Pool declared that they will be volunteering licensing contracts which will help to generate the wilder level of access to the antiviral molnupiravir in 105 low and mid-level income countries.

Pfizer has yet to apply for authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration but they have decided to do it by the end of this month.