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Pfizer says COVID-19 Pill Lessens Risk of Hospitalization

Pfizer has said that their investigational Pill intended to combat coronavirus lessen the risk of hospitalization and death for very high-risk patients who are participating in the clinical trial of their drug.

Pfizer faiths that it can ultimately offer the Pill, given in amalgamation with an older antiviral drug called ritonavir, to those people who can easily make it at home without being admitted to the hospital.

The company said that their interim analysis is done before the clinical trial was planned to end. The analysis presented an 89 percent decrease in the risk of hospitalization or death from the coronavirus if the people got it in early in the infection.

The results of the interim analysis were prominent and the company has now stopped the clinical trial and they are going to submit it to the US Food and Drug Administration for emergency approval of the Pill.

Pfizer says COVID-19 pill lessens risk of hospitalization

Pfizer has presented the results in the press release and did not deliver any scientist to discuss the data. They have not released the complete data of the analysis. They will be going the share the complete data while submitting it to the FDA.

Right now the Pfizer is testing the Pill for adults who have been infected with the coronavirus and who are at high risk of severe illness. The volunteers have been given either the Pill combination or placebo within three to five days of their infection.

The Pill is titled Paxlovid and its experimental name is PF-07321332 recognized as a protease inhibitor. The Pill is intended to break the COVID-19 virus from multiplying.