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New Blood Test Can Detects 50 Types of Cancer

A new Blood Test developed by the Mayo Clinic is now able to spot more than 50 different types of cancer. The California-based health care company Grail has produced a multi-cancer detection test, Galleri, incorporated with the Mayo Clinic.

The Galleri test can find out the 50 different types of cancer through a Simple Blood Test.

Currently, the acclaimed cancer screening test in the United States can enclose five cancer types and screen for single cancer at a time. As per the Mayo Clinic, there are no acclaimed early detected screening tests for other cancers that result in 71 percent of cancer deaths.

Right now, the healthcare providers can order the Galleri test. If the test is authorized by the healthcare provider then they will schedule the blood collection. The cost of this Blood Test is about $949 and the test doesn’t cover the insurance. The result of the Blood Test will be ready in about two weeks after the blood collection.

New Blood Test Can Detects 50 Types of Cancer

The Mayo clinic declares that the product has a low false-positive rate. They further added that the test has the prospective to change cancer care by lowering cancer deaths and declining health care costs by finding out cancer earlier.

The healthcare company also said that the Galleri test can recognize where in the body the cancer is positioned with a very high exactness when a cancer signal is discovered.

The test will be available at many Mayo Clinic sites but the company is trying to get full authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.