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Nassau County officials search for Legionnaires outbreak

The Nassau County Department of Health Officials is investigating a Legionnaires outbreak on the Wantagh and Levittown borders. A person dies and nine people were hospitalized due to the infection of the disease.

Health officials said that they have been combing the whole area and trying to find out the exact or most probable source of disease. The disease comes from a kind of bacteria called Legionella. People will get infected with diseases when they breathe in a mist or vapor comprising the bacteria. This is not a contagious disease that will not be spread from one person to another person.

The most communal source of the bacteria includes hot tubs, decorative fountains, hot water tanks, cooling towers for air conditioning systems, and big plumbing systems. Symptoms of the Legionnaires include shortness of breath, coughing, muscle aches, high fever, and headache. People can observe these symptoms within two to ten days of exposure to the disease.

Nassau County officials search for Legionnaires outbreak

As per the CDC, people 50 and older are at very high risk of getting ill from the Legionnaires, as well as people with the very low immune system, former and current smokers, people with underlying illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, kidney or liver failure, and chronic lung disease.

All 10 people who were infected with the disease are between 35 to 96 years old, and majorities are 50 and older. The person who died was over 50 years with underlying medical conditions. All these cases are within half a mile area of Wantagh Avenue. Children and staff of the nearby areas not showing any symptoms nor they got sick.

Nassau County has been alerted to the outbreak. And anyone with the symptoms of the disease should get in touch with their health providers.