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NASA Mars rover to Collect First Ever Martian Rock Sample

NASA is finally preparing for its Perseverance Mars rover to collect the samples of Martian rock that forthcoming planned mission will transport to earth

The Mars rover is probing for interesting objects in a part of Jezero Crater

This important mission is projected to start within the coming two weeks. The Perseverance Mars rover on Feb. 18 in Jezero Crater, and NASA started off the mission’s science phase June 1, discovering a 1.5-square-mile spot of crater floor which might contain Jezero’s deepest and utmost ancient layers of exposed bedrock

NASA Mars rover to Collect First Ever Martian Rock Sample

The associate administrator for science at NASA Headquarters, Thomas Zurbuchen, said that Neil Armstrong took the first sample 52 years ago from the Sea of Tranquility; he started the procedure that would rephrase humanity’s knowledge about the moon

Thomas Zurbuchen further stated that he has faith that Perseverance’s first sample from Jezero Crater and similar ones likely to follow the pattern for Mars. He also believes that we are on edge of a new era of planetary science and discovery

The Perseverance Mars rover will take 11 days to complete its first sampling, as it will receive orders from hundreds of millions of miles away as depending on the most complex and capable mechanism

It took Neil Armstrong 3 minutes and 35 seconds to collects its first-ever sample from the Moon. The  Perseverance will need the same mechanism to be sent into space – the Sampling and Caching System.

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