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Microsoft PowerToys gets Windows 11 update

Microsoft has announced that it is going to update its PowerToys for Window with new UI changes for Window11, along with the find my mouse feature, and a universal conference mute.

The company is progressively enlightening PowerToys ahead of the Windows 11 launch, with a settings interface to match the Operating System and also changing its PowerRename feature. PowerRename is a component that helps to rename files. The software maker has also PowerRename with the modern interface and they have launched easier options for renaming the files in bulk.

Besides the update in the front of the design, the PowerToys also comes with new features and a 0.49 version update. Video Conference Mute feature will let the users mute the microphone or disable their webcam universally across Windows 11 or Windows 10. Users now can tie up Video Conference Mute to a keyboard shortcut, and they can select the microphone and webcam which they would like to disable.  When the microphone or webcam is in use, the toolbar will get seemed.

Microsoft PowerToys gets Windows 11 update

The feature Find My Mouse will help the users in finding their mouse cursor. The users have to press the CTRL button two times and then the screen will get indistinct to focus where the user’s cursor is located with a spotlight.

Both of these new features including Video Conference Mute and Find My Mouse of PowerToys now presented in the latest 0.49 update from its PowerToys GitHub. The PowerToys also comes up with new advantages such as FancyZones to progress layouts and multitasking, a feature to preserve your PC consciousness and a PowerToys Run launcher.