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Michigan reports 8,496 New Coronavirus cases

The Michigan health department announced the new 8,496 new coronavirus cases and 46 deaths over the past three days, on an average of 2,832 cases a day.

Michigan now has in total of 1,090,021 confirmed cases and 21,609 deaths. The numbers are up from 1,081,525 cases and 21,563 deaths than an earlier week. On Sunday, the state reported 3,687 of 35,392 coronavirus test results were positive, with a positivity rate of 10.42%. The fatality broadcasted on Monday contains 15 identified during a Vital Records review.

The state has increased testing on an average of 40,000 diagnostic tests per day. The weekly positivity rate increased at 11.42% as of Friday compared to the last week. Compared to the last several weeks, the hospitalization also drastically increased, and now 2000 inpatients statewide.

Michigan reports 8,496 New Coronavirus cases

As per data released by the health department, the state has a 2.0% fatality rate among identified cases. The weekly average death was 36 and active cases reported in the state on Friday were 114,800 which is the highest since May 2021.

In Michigan, so far 10 million doses of coronavirus vaccine have been administered,  out of which 62 percent of ages 16 and older people have been vaccinated with the first dose of whereas 60 percent of the 16 plus people have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.