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Instagram adds auto-captioning sticker in Stories

Instagram has launched a new feature which allows user to add caption sticker to stories. The stickers automatically transliterate dialogue in the videos.

Instagram adds auto-captioning sticker in Stories
Instagram adds auto-captioning sticker in Stories

The sticker is only available in English for English-speaking countries. Eventually, it will start rolling out the feature in other languages and countries. Instagram soon will be testing this feature in its Reels section

The captions feature already available in IGTV and Instagram’s Threads app. This caption sticker can be helpful for the ones who are hearing-impaired.

The caption sticker for Stories is rolling out today. By using this feature one can edit the “individual words in the captions to correct spelling, punctuation, or any words that weren’t transcribed accurately.

An auto-captions feature is not only launched by Instagram by also by TikTok. Last month, TikTok has launched this feature for American English and Japanese language. And Twitter has also announced it on Monday that it will improve captioning in Spaces

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