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India now facing the outburst of Black Fungus disease

India is badly hit by the second wave of COVID but now the India’s healthcare system is also facing the burden of Black fungus also known as mucormycosis. Two states in India declared this disease as an epidemic and the government of India has declared it a notifiable disease

India now facing the outburst of Black Fungus disease

Black fungus or mucormycosis is a fungal infection that causes blackening or discoloration over the nose, blurred or double vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties, and coughing blood.

The black fungus is a disease that is rising in India in post-covid patients. People with low immune systems, diabetes and consumption of steroids are at a higher risk to get the infection.

As per the experts, the overuse of steroids during COVID-19 treatment causing the spread of black fungus infection. People who are undergoing oxygen therapy in ICU, are the ones who are getting the infection. The use of ordinary tap water in the flow meter of the oxygen cylinders also blamed for the infection

Symptoms of Black Fungus can vary but can include blurring of vision, double vision or watery eyes, redness in the eyes, fever, cough, headache, facial pain, swelling, numbness, and unilateral nasal obstruction

Mucormycosis is not a contagious disease which means that it cannot be spread from person to person.

If the infection is perceived at the early stage then it can be cured easily

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