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Incentive programs for Kids in the U.S. if Vaccinated

Some states and cities in the United States are now rolling out an incentive program for the kids if they get a vaccination against the coronavirus. Last week, millions of children in America became eligible to receive the vaccine jab to fight coronavirus.

In New York City, if children get the first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine then they can claim $100 at the city-functioned vaccine website. Consecutively, they can receive tickets to the city fascination such as the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team or the Statue of Liberty. The incentive program was previously accessible for other New Yorkers who got COVID-19 vaccination.

Incentive programs for Kids in the U.S. if Vaccinated

The health officials of Chicago also offer $100 gift cards for children aged five to 11 if they get the vaccine shot at Chicago Public Health clinics or events. In addition to this, the Chicago school district is closing on November 12 for Vaccination Awareness Day so that students can get their COVID-19 shots.

The Incentive programs for kids come after the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States has approved the smaller vaccination doses for children 5 to 11.

San Antonio officials, in Texas, declared that the guardians and parents who support their children to receive vaccine shots at the public health clinic may claim a $100 gift card for H-E-B grocery stores. In Louisiana, the official said the kids between 5 to 11 age group could also claim for $100.

In Minnesota, the officials launched the “Kids Deserve a shot” program with the intention to grow the vaccine number among those ages 12 and 17. The Minnesota state is also proposing the chance to enter a raffle for a $100,000 college scholarship or a Minnesota experience prize package, and a $200 visa card.

Moreover, it is still not clear whether these incentive programs will help in increasing the vaccine number in children.