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Fitbit going to launch “Snoring and Noise Detection” Feature Soon

Smartwatches are meant to track activity, heart rate monitoring, sleep, and overall fitness level. None of the smartwatches has ever tracked the snoring sound of a person. But now Fitbit is going to launch a snore and noise detection feature in its smartwatch

Fitbit SmartWatch
Fitbit SmartWatch

As reported by Google 9to5, once you upgrade your Fitbit application, then it will make use of your microphone and other sensors to track the sound of snoring. The “Snore and Noise Detection” feature not only tracks the sound of a user but also your sleeping partner.

Fitbit watches will be categories into five levels based on the sound level as Very quiet (30 dBA or lower), Quiet (30–50 dBA), “Moderate” (50–70 dBA), Loud (70–90 dBA), and Very loud (90 dBA or higher)

As per the experts, snoring is a serious health condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It stops breathing and disturbs sleep. Snoring may cause serious health issues if not treated on time such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack.

It will be a good value addition to the smartwatches and it will help the users to monitor their health conditions. It will also help users to make quick decisions to cure the snoring problem

Fitbit recommends having at least 40% charging in your device before going to bed. This feature definitely leads to charge your device frequently.  Fitbit which is owned by Google has also joined hands with Samsung to merge the Tizen watch operating system and Wear OS.

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