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Facebook planning to launch Smartwatch next year

Facebook, the social media giant is reportedly working on a smartwatch, which will inaugurate in next summer. According to a report published by The Verge, the smartwatch will have two cameras for clicking photos and videos

Users can able to share photos across Facebook and Instagram directly from the wristwatch.

The front-facing camera can be used for video calling and the other 1080p camera on the back can be detached from the body of the watch and used for taking photos and videos

Facebook smartwatch
Facebook smartwatch

As per the report, the smartwatch and its camera system is a part of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to build more consumer devices.

The report also suggests that Facebook is currently working with United States wireless carriers to run LTE connectivity to the watch

The first kind of smartwatch is projected to be released in summer 2022. The watch could cost around $400, but the price might get changed

Facebook also plans to use future versions of the watch as a key input device for its upcoming AR glasses.

Facebook’s president of AR and VR Andrew Bosworth avoided commenting about the watch

“We’ve said we want AR glasses to be truly useful — we’re investing in technologies across the board that will make that interaction feel more natural and intuitive,” Bosworth said in a tweet Wednesday responding to the report. “This includes research like EMG, haptics, adaptive interfaces that could come together in a wrist-based form factor.”

Bosworth added that “research doesn’t always lead to product development,” but said the company will share more when its ready.

Facebook has already started working on the second and third-generation smartwatch

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