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Facebook and Instagram Users will get option to “Hide Likes”

As per the new update of Facebook and Instagram, now you can hide the “like Counts”. Now both the sites are allowing users to hide likes on their own posts, or hide likes on other user’s posts in their feeds. The user who selects to hide likes on their own photos will be able to see who all have interacted with their posts.

Facebook and Instagram Users will get option to “Hide Likes”
Facebook and Instagram users will get the option to “Hide Likes”

Instagram is allowing this feature after years of pressure from experts to make changes to its platform. User can hide like counts on Instagram per post basis so that user gets the more flexibility to focus on the content rather than the like counts. Facebook will get the same feature in the coming weeks

“We tested hiding like counts to see if it might depressurize people’s experience on Instagram,” says an Instagram spokesperson. “What we heard from people and experts was that not seeing like counts was beneficial for some, and annoying to others, particularly because people use like counts to get a sense for what’s trending or popular, so we’re giving you the choice.”

“How many likes [users] got, or other people got — it turned out that it didn’t actually change nearly as much about the experience, in terms of how people felt or how much they use experience, as we thought it would. But it did end up being pretty polarizing,” admitted Instagram head, Adam Mosseri. “Some people really liked it and some people really didn’t.”

“For those who liked it, it was mostly what we had hoped — which is that it depressurized the experience. And, for those who didn’t, they used Likes to get a sense of what was trending or was relevant on Instagram and on Facebook. And they were just super annoyed that we took it away,” he added

The feature will be available to both public and private profiles and will include posts you’ve published previously.

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