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Dr. Walensky Says End of Pandemic Depend on Human Behavior

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky says that they cannot anticipate when the pandemic will end and it will basically depend on human behavior.

As the Coronavirus pandemic enters into its 20th month, COVID-19 cases in the United States have started to fell down after the wave of Delta virus which had infected approximately 172,000 a day in mid-September. Some medical practitioners also say that this might be the last big outpouring of the virus, but it is unsure when will it comes to an end.

Dr. Walensky Says End of Pandemic Depend on Human Behavior

Dr. Walensky told, “We have a lot of the science right now; we have vaccines,”. Dr. Rochelle Walensky was talking to the journalists at a health journalism program conducted by Health Coverage Fellowship. She further added that “What we can’t really predict is human behavior. And human behavior in this pandemic hasn’t served us very well.”

Earlier the infectious diseases expert warned that only 55 percent of Americans have been fully vaccinated and people who have been lately infected with the virus now taking extra care, but still there is not sufficient immunity to fight off the contagious Delta Virus.

Dr. Walensky further said that the R-naught is 8 or 9, with the Delta Variant and this states that we need immense protection in the community to not get infected.  The R-naught specifies the number of people to whim the infected person will pass the coronavirus.

Some communities have been protected as they have a very high vaccination rate but Dr. Walensky concerns about the few communities where the vaccination rate is very low.