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Department of Health finds drop in Vaccine Efficiency

Department of Health in New York City study found that the efficiency of the coronavirus vaccination is diminishing due to the very contagious Delta Variant and abridged use of masks by people.

The study answered the very difficult questions about COVID-19 including, to what extend the efficiency of the vaccination is diminishing and what is the main reason for the changes. They have also expanded their research of the Department of Health’s very first vaccination efficiency study which was conducted and published by CDC in the month of August 2021.

As per the research of the Department of Health, the COVID-19 vaccine efficiency remains high for hospitalization with an uncertain decrease in Pfizer and Moderna vaccinated people aged 65 and older. The scientist involved in the study also reinforced the approval of conducting a vaccine booster shot to a targeted group of people.

This study is based on the nine million people in New York City aged 18 and older and examined the differences in the efficiency of vaccine by vaccine type, age, and time of vaccination. The scientist analyzed the people who were vaccinated between January to April of 2021 and studied their levels of new infections and hospitalization from May to August of 2021. They compared this data with the people who never received a COVID-19 vaccination.

Department of Health finds drop in Vaccine Efficiency

Moreover, the study also find out that between May and August, the declining efficiency in the vaccine against the confirmed COVID-19 cases was large for Pfizer (-24.6% for 18-49, -19.1% for 50-64 and-14.1% for 65 and older).

The decrease in efficiency happened in those weeks when out of a sudden the Delta Variant increased and the decline was in the people who had got the Pfizer vaccine shot.

The result of the study shows the efficiency in the vaccine may have been moved by the contagious Delta Variant or changes in the deterrence behavior of the human being.