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Crowd Protests against Mayo Clinic Vaccine Mandate

The crowd including Health care workers and other community members are protesting against Mayo Clinic Health System’s very strict vaccination mandate policy.

The Mayo Clinic recommended all staff members be fully vaccinated by September 17 or complete a diminution procedure, but the new updates in the procedure are narrowing that mandate. The healthcare system has issued new vaccinations dates in place as well as new significances for not being vaccinated.

As per the new policy, the employees will get two options either they have to get a vaccination or decline it or they have to submit an application for medical or a religious exemption by December 3. If they don’t get approval for medical or a religious exemption or if they don’t get fully vaccinated by the deadline then the employees will be put up on unpaid leaves and January 3 will be the termination date for these employees.

One of the employees of the Mayo Clinic said that they have been already notified of the stricter policy but they never expected that they would lose their jobs.

The Mayo Clinic said in a statement that 88 percent of the staff has been vaccinated so far. The health system recommended the vaccination in the attention to the safety of their staff members and patients as well.

Crowd Protests against Mayo Clinic Vaccine Mandate

Michael Morrey, Regional Chair of Mayo Clinic Health System of Southwestern Wisconsin said that their staff has done an outstanding job concerned for patients throughout the pandemic, including maintaining social distancing, following protocols of masking, and other safety practices such as receiving fully vaccination to guard the associated staff members, patients, and the community. He further added that making vaccination mandatory will help them to have a healthy workplace and ultimately Mayo Clinic is safe to place for taking care of patients.

Mayo Clinic Health System said that review practice will be accessible for staff members to pursue religious or medical exemptions against COVID-19 vaccination.