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Apple Watch Series 7 Pre-Order Deliveries Postponed

Apple Watch Series 7 pre-order deliveries postponed to past October 15th release date.  The delayed cause is due to production concerns leading to inadequate supplies.

Apple’s stainless steel model pre-orders have been pushed back to November. As per the trusted source of information, a specific higher-priced variety of the devices are currently unavailable whereas some of the other devices dates pushed back to December.

Apple Watch Series 7 models that the company is showing currently unavailable are a pair of $899. Among the pair, one model is silver titanium with a leather band, and the other model is black titanium with a silicone band.

Apart from Apple Watch Series 7, both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are also displaying delivery dates prolonged into November.

Apple Watch Series 7 Pre-Order Deliveries Postponed

The new version of the watch has major health features including, 33 percent quicker charging time, a new-fangled on-screen QWERTY keyboard, as well as the larger 45mm and 41mm displays compared to the 1mm taller than the last year. If someone wants to purchase the latest model of the watch earlier than November and December, then they can visit their local Apple Store on October 15th and make the purchase right there.

If someone has pre-ordered the new Series 7 Apple Watch then they might have acknowledged a notification that their new watch is arranging for shipment. But it does not mean the order will arrive before Friday.