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Apple Unveils Apple Business Essentials service

Apple has unveiled a new subscription service for small businesses called Apple Business Essentials. The service is prepared to keep in mind the small businesses with up to 500 employees, which includes iCloud storage, Apple support, and integrating device management.

The Collections component of the service can support businesses from employee onboarding to device setup and complements an app that will permit employees to install work applications. The Collections device can drive VPN settings or Wi-Fi passwords mechanically when employees login into a device with their work login credentials.

Apple Unveils Apple Business Essentials service

AppleCare+ add-on will provide 24/7 phone support to employees and businesses along with IT training, device repairs, and much more.

The Apple Business Essentials service is in beta testing is scheduled to be fully released in 2022. Three different kinds of options will be available for this service; the subscription will start from $2.99 USD per month. Each of the plans can support up to three different devices at most and up to 2 terabytes of iCloud storage. Based on the subscription, the price of the service could range from $2.99 and $12.99 a month.

The service is somehow similar to its rival companies such as Microsoft and Google, which are well recognized for contributing tools to schools and businesses. As compared to Apple these two companies control the business and education services markets.

The company has also launched an Apple Business Essentials application to offer users suitable access to the service.