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Antidepressant Could Reduce Risk of Severe COVID-19

A very cheap Antidepressant could be used to lower the need for hospitalization among the high-risk adults who can get COVID-19 infection easily due to their prolonged medical condition. Fluvoxamine usually used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder for approximately 30 years.

The researchers started seeing at it more carefully since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, based on the fluvoxamine capability to lower the inflammation; it could also support in conquering the body’s extreme reaction to the infection.

As per the study which was published in The Lancet Global Health, the trial was conducted on 1,500 COVID patients in Brazil who took either a placebo or fluvoxamine. The scientists found out the drug has lowered the long-term medical scrutiny or hospitalization rates by one-third. In the contradiction, in the members, around 12 patients who were given the placebo died, and only one patient among the participant of fluvoxamine drug died.

Antidepressant Could Reduce Risk of Severe COVID-19

The scientists still need to approve the correct dosage of Antidepressants as they witnessed that few patients had faced complications tolerating the drug and later on stopped taking it. And also the patients who have completed the course of dosage, the drug lowers the hospitalization by two-third. The Antidepressant fluvoxamine has also cut down the probability of death due to the coronavirus.

Moreover, still, it is not clear how the fluvoxamine might work on those people who have got the vaccine shot as a study was conducted on only unvaccinated people.

The result of the study was presented by a group of researchers in Brazil, the US, and Canada, and could provide new recommendations for usage of the drug in the United States and globally. The drug is very cheap; anyone can get a 10-day course for just $4 and could be a useful medicine in poor countries.