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Ancient Gold Mask Found To Be Human Blood

According to a new research study, a 1000-year-old ancient Gold Mask mined in Peru is enclosed with paint having human blood. Archaeologists discovered an ancient and shadowy burial ritual in Peru, in the year of 1990’s such as; a man was in the center of a hollow, placed with his upside-down skeleton painted red beside the Gold Mask that decorated his disconnected skull.

Primarily the scientists have accredited the paint’s red colorant to cinnabar, but a new exploration has also exposed another key component that is human blood. The human skeleton is associated with a 40 to 50-year-old man who was a leading member of Sican society. The man occurred between the ninth and fourteenth centuries and was antedating the Incas.

Ancient Gold Mask Found To Be Human Blood

The scientists from the Southern Illinois University and the University of Oxford were very interested in knowing about how the Sican people used a folder in the paint that retained it committed with the Gold Mask for a millennium.

The scientists acquired a small example of the paint and preliminary scrutinized discovered the existence of proteins. After analyzing the proteins, the teams were exposed that the protein being from the human blood as well as the egg whites from an undetermined bird.

The study was published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Proteome Research.