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American Airlines Cancels Thousands of Flights

American Airlines have canceled additional 634 flights on Sunday, approximately 12 percent of its total operations for the day.  Since Friday, the airlines have canceled about 1500 flights due to the shortage of staff and bad weather conditions.

As per the data of FlightAware, American Airlines have stated 4,967 flights were organized on Saturday. The company said that two days of heavy winds in Dallas-Fort Worth harshly lowered the arrival capacity. The airlines have also postponed 738 flights.

The airlines further said that most of the crew will be a return to work during the holiday season. Their 1800 flight attendants will be back to work from leave Monday and the remaining members will be back to their job by December 1. They have also scheduled to hire more staff in the fourth quarter. Approximately, 600 newly appointed flight attendants will be joining by the end of the December.

American Airlines Cancels Thousands of Flights

Other airlines in the United States also had faced the same complications recurring to normal operations as requests for air travel rises up. The U.S. airline also said that it has canceled around 551 flights on Saturday, 480 flights on Sunday, and approximately 376 flights have been canceled on Friday.

Southwest airlines also faced an operational breakdown one weekend prior in October, nearby canceling about 2,000 flights on weekend. The southwest is also scheduling to appoint combatively, with the object of having 5,000 new staff by the end of December.