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Airbnb Revenues Surge in Third Quarter

Airbnb has recorded high third-quarter revenue growth and a beat on profit estimates, as the travel industry is returning back to its normal due to the high vaccinations rate across the globe. Mitigating lockdowns aided the company to improve from a sudden drop in the trade early last year as domestic travelers booked homes away from the majority of the cities.

The Airbnb profits are rising as countries, including, the United States, started welcoming foreign travelers who receive full COVID-19 vaccinations proofs. The company now assumes international travel to further help in heightening its revenue.

The travel company said that the reclamation was conquered by the Europe and North America regions with advanced average daily rates. It rose from 15 percent to approximately $149 in the third quarter from an earlier year.

Airbnb Revenues Surge in Third Quarter

As per the company, for the upcoming Thanksgiving week in the United States, as of September 30, the nights booked are 40 percent higher than the same period in 2019. The gross booking rose to 48.8 percent to $11.9 billion, in the third quarter, but still, they have missed the market projections of $12.23 billion.

The company’s revenue rose to 66.7 percent to $2.24 billion, and which has broken the market projections of $2.05 billion. Also, the net income rushed approximately four times to $833.9 million from the earlier year.

The vocational rental company forecast the fourth-quarter revenue between $1.39 billion and $1.48 billion. And as per the Refinitiv data, the analysts have projected the fourth quarter revenue $1.44 billion.