Chamber President slams immature Trump
The President of recent Ross & District Chamber of Commerce Jonathan Keenan, a Buffalo, NY native, says he’s glad he doesn’t board Donald Trump’s America, adding that he wouldn’t in person welcome him to the ancestral city of President John F Kennedy if he arrived here.

Describing President Trump’s actions in Helsinki and on the international stage as ‘ridiculous’, Jonathan quoted Yankee comedian Stephen sauce World Health Organization took aim at the president’s advisers’ ‘embarrassment’ at his words on stage beside Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, whereas keeping quiet once babies were unbroken in cages close to the United Mexican States border.
Jonathan same his reaction was one among complete disbelief once Donald Trump triumphed over Hillary Clinton to assert the Presidency in Gregorian calendar month2016.

He said: ‘I didn’t vote for Trump. He has been worse than I notional. I believe his government orders and what he’s doing and what he has been allowed to try to is additional surprising than anyone thought.

‘It’s sensible to shake things up however he’s a pawn. The president could be a figurehead; therefore, I’m shocked they let him do and say what he will.’

Taking aim at President Trump’s Muslim travel ban, Jonathan same he has astonied it got traction in America’s higher courts.

‘He same his family weren’t immigrants, however settlers in America. he’s associate degree imbecile. America could be a melting pot and for him to assert it’s just for whites and conservative America is ridiculous. I’m glad I don’t live there.’

Jonathan affected to Eire twelve years agony and is the manager of Creacon welfare Retreat and vice chief operating officer of 2 international corporations, SQ Worldwide and Erema Agni.

Jonathan same he’s embarrassed to mention he’s Yankee whereas Donald Trump is president.

‘I can’t management him. I’m a small amount embarrassed. I’m proud to not be living in America currently. I am going back double a year on the average. Barack Obama was a gentleman; however, Donald Trump is associate degree immature, childish, arrogant, ignorant, emotional man World Health Organization is dangerous. he’s president and leader of the collection and sadly folk’s area unit reaching to follow his example.’

Citing the case of Marion Barry, the Washington DC civil authority World Health Organization was caught smoking crack hard drug and still allowed back within the chains of workplace, Jonathan same it gave licence to folks in Washington to assume they might smoke crack and achieve success.

‘The paradigm of leadership isn’t being followed. It’s sad. Hopefully he won’t get re-elected. To be honest I’m shocked he has lasted this long. Trump could be a wakeup decision to Americans.’

He same President Trump has had some success, notably within the Bull exchange, bolstering the profits of firms.

‘They area unit bushed his pocket and he’s taking care of them. It’s sensible to envision he’s taking care of business however a president ought to be creating selections supported his adviser’s recommendation.

‘He goes against his advisers and Ivanka is avoiding Chinese embargoes somehow as all her stuff is formed in China then is Trump. His family area unit set to learn from $1 billion in tax breaks throughout his presidency that is bonkers.’

He said: ‘I recognize {people World Health Organization people that folks that those that those who} area unit behind him who live in American state and southern American state and that i forever say what regarding your house servant or field cutter, they’re still criminal immigrants in Trump’s America and my friends may find yourself cutting their own grass. I don’t very watch the news. Trump simply is simply} ridiculous and it’s just all faux, not faux news. I wouldn’t welcome him to New Ross.’

“He same his family weren’t immigrants however settlers in America. he’s associate degree imbecile.”

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