New technology helps to nab illegal drivers

New technology helps to nab illegal drivers

CAMERA technology that catches drivers using their phones whereas driving isn’t within the frame for Queensland.

New South Wales this month legislated camera based social control of outlawed movable use – the sole downside is that the system isn’t prepared. The office government is within the middle of a young method having needed expressions of interest.

Alex McCredie, project manager for One Task, is among people who have tendered for the work and believes his company has created a world-first system that catches individuals within the act.

“It’s able to trial. There are a unit some things to nut go into collaboration with the govt. … like however our systems work into their systems,” he said.

“In terms of technology to capture individuals, we’ve incontestable that works and catches heaps of individuals.

“We area unit solely awake to one alternative system in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wherever drivers area unit caught once holding their phones up to their ear, the One Task cameras analyses all use of devices.

“All of the individuals we have a tendency to see out on the roads area unit all holding their phones, texting, browsing or on Facebook.

“No one holds their phone up to their ear from now on.

“It’s a good additional dangerous activity as a result of your eyes area unit altogether averted from the road. It captures at a degree as they drive past, and it captures footage and analyses whether or not somebody is on the phone.”

The system flags once a driver is found breaking the law. It’s reviewed by the pc, followed by final manual analysis.

Similar laws introduced in office don’t seem to be presently being thought-about within the sensible State.

Last year Australian state initiated a campaign encouraging drivers to “Chin Up”.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey hosted road safety consultants at a security forum throughout in Gregorian calendar month to debate driver distraction and develop solutions.

“The forum designed on work already underneath means by Transport and Main Roads that is functioning with the Australian state Police Service, the automotive business and movable makers on this issue,” a advocator aforementioned.

“As a part of the TMR’s body of labor, current legislation and penalties are going to be reviewed to confirm they’re effective.

“Queensland isn’t presently considering introducing similar legislation thereto in office.”