Education squeeze the key to the country’s advancement. It acts as a remedy against backward philosophy, blind custom, belief, etc. An educated nation is a forward-looking nation, self-aware and self-confident. Regrettably, when we start our journey as a Republic, our proficiency rates were awfully low.

Over the years, a big section of the people gains an elementary contact of the three ‘Rs’, yet the basic standards remain poor. There is no discuss the fact that the degree-holders of today by and large lag the graduates of a prior period when the standards of education were far superior.

Governments have failed to ccure the issue of falling educational standards, with both the standards of teaching and the quality of the taught leaving much to be want. In this condition, surveys by NGOs active in the field have frequently underlined the issues in the education sector, though determined reforms have been hard to come by.

Last week, the delivery of the Annual Status of Education Report produces a fresh conversation on the continuing delay in the educational field. The Right to Education Act made basic education an elemental right for those in the 6-14 age group. In the eight years since its establishment, it has helped enhanced the enrolment in this age group, with only 5.3 percent of children remaining out of the school system. This is most encouraging. These findings in the ASER report were integrated from the field survey conducted by the NGO Pratham.

Even after the age of 15, a clear majority of students continued to stay enrolled, the drop-out rate being a relatively small eight percent. It is in this factor, that a demand that the ambit of the RTE law be enhanced to cover children up to the age 18 years has been made. This would boost the poor to keep their young in school till they finish secondary education.

Though, the Government in recent years has put significance on skill development, the social bias against basic job-oriented skills for being. An earlier survey had found that a sizable percentage of school teachers themselves had failed the fundamental test usually given to the students they are meant to teach. The whole educational system is broken. Without fixing it, country looking at a bleak future, waste away the potential a very young population holds for the country.

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