Emotional Intelligence

EI is nothing but Emotional Quotient which is the composition of Interpersonal Effectiveness and Intrapersonal Effectiveness. Emotional Intelligence sometimes also called EI or EQ. The term “Emotional Intelligence” was coined in 1990 by two scientists, Peter Salovery and John D. Mayer. They described it as “a form of social intelligence that includes the capacity to monitor one’s own and other’s feeling and emotions, to differentiate among them, and to use this information to pilot ones thinking and action.

EI is very much important in the workplace- even more robust than the traditional measure of intelligence- IQ. People with a high EQ are better teammates and better leaders than people with a high IQ.

Emotional Intelligence is exhibit in all different situations and under all kinds of stress and with well-developed EQ, it can mean that outside perspectives-good or bad-can help us learn and grow.

Emotional Intelligence has a lot to do with a person’s temperament and how they show themselves among others. This attentiveness in calculating intelligence has led to many people believing that having a higher IQ means an individual is more intelligent, and the natural accomplishment was that he or she would be more successful in life. Emotionally Intelligent people are respectful of others, but they are not unworthy. They know when to say no so that they are not dumbfound.

The six emotional intelligence skills or EQ competencies that make up insight are:
• Self-Actualization
• Optimism
• Self-Regard
• Social Responsibility
• Interpersonal Relationships
• Emotional Expression

These days, more companies are looking to hire people with high EI. 71% managers are state that EI is more important to hiring and promotion decisions than IQ. More specifically, 59 percent of hiring managers say that they would not hire applicants with a high IQ and low EI.

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