Bread Is the Dish of the Year 2017

Bread is occurring a period of innovation that has made it a hot item across the world. Mark Furstenberg (baker) doing very good work with whole grains, to bakeries like Arcade Bakery in New York City.

Many Restaurants and bakeries have shown what can be done to make bread a culinary admiration. Many more are grind their own flour, such as Kansas City’s Messenger Café, collaboration between Messenger Coffee and Ibis Bakery. The bakery café features an in-house stone mill.

It is a great time for bread in America. That’s specially fulfilling, given the years it spent as a bad word in their diet vocabulary: High carbohydrate! High gluten! Harmful! Sure, plenty of foods are outreaching new heights these days: From coffee to chocolate and butter, the country’s level of culinary refinement continues to rise, as does the number of money people are willing to pay for them. Yet it’s bread that’s standing out right now. Compare it to the best fried chicken, the bowl of noodles you’ve had recently, Great bread is truly everywhere.

One of the famous cookbooks in 2017 had bread as its focus. Modernist Bread, a sprawling, five-volume work, gives a complete new understanding of one of the foremost staples of the human diet, bread. The collection offers more information about bread, from its history, to techniques and recipes that will surprise bread fan.

Also mighty in 2017, literally, was the five-volume, 2,642 page Modernist Bread (Cooking Lab, October 2017) collection by Microsoft tech guru Nathan Myhrvold and Chef Francisco Migoya. Myhrvold wanted to show just how deep we could go on one of the most basic foods globally i.e. bread. “We know much more about grains, we have better equipment to make great bread than ever before, and many people are interested in not just eating good bread but how to make it,” he says.

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