Emotional Intelligence – Overview and Skills

Emotional Intelligence

EI is nothing but Emotional Quotient which is the composition of Interpersonal Effectiveness and Intrapersonal Effectiveness. Emotional Intelligence sometimes also called EI or EQ. The term “Emotional Intelligence” was coined in 1990 by two scientists, Peter Salovery and John D. Mayer. They described it as “a form of social intelligence that includes the capacity to monitor one’s own and other’s feeling and emotions, to differentiate among them, and to use this information to pilot ones thinking and action.

EI is very much important in the workplace- even more robust than the traditional measure of intelligence- IQ. People with a high EQ are better teammates and better leaders than people with a high IQ.

Emotional Intelligence is exhibit in all different situations and under all kinds of stress and with well-developed EQ, it can mean that outside perspectives-good or bad-can help us learn and grow.

Emotional Intelligence has a lot to do with a person’s temperament and how they show themselves among others. This attentiveness in calculating intelligence has led to many people believing that having a higher IQ means an individual is more intelligent, and the natural accomplishment was that he or she would be more successful in life. Emotionally Intelligent people are respectful of others, but they are not unworthy. They know when to say no so that they are not dumbfound.

The six emotional intelligence skills or EQ competencies that make up insight are:
• Self-Actualization
• Optimism
• Self-Regard
• Social Responsibility
• Interpersonal Relationships
• Emotional Expression

These days, more companies are looking to hire people with high EI. 71% managers are state that EI is more important to hiring and promotion decisions than IQ. More specifically, 59 percent of hiring managers say that they would not hire applicants with a high IQ and low EI.

Apple Earned $151 Profit Per iPhone in Q3 2017

Apple Earned $151 Profit Per iPhone in Q3 2017

Apple’s average profit per handset was $151 (around Rs. 9,600) in the July-September quarter, five times greater than that of its nearest rival Samsung, on the basis of research firm Counterpoint. Counterpoint reported in its ‘Market Monitor program for Q3 2017’ report. The report noted that the all over world mobile handset profits had grown 13 percent year-on-year in the July-September 2017 quarter .”

Samsung, which had some of the foremost collection of fashions throughout value bands in its portfolio, had a benefit in keeping with unit of $31 (roughly Rs. 1,900) in the same period, Counterpoint reported in its ‘Market Monitor program for Q3 2017’ report. The portfolio is famous in the worldwide because mobile handset earnings had grown 13% year-on-year in the July-September 2017 quarter “due to strong performance of Samsung and Chinese brands”.

“Apple’s per unit profit is five times greater than Samsung and almost 14 times greater than the average per unit profit of Chinese brands. Apple’s per unit profit rise at $151 (roughly Rs. 9600) in Q3 2017,” the file stated.

“Strong comeback made by Samsung in the third quarter with its Note 8 series while S8 series continues to perform on par. The profit quota reached 26 percent as compared to its loss during Q3 2016 due to Note 7 failure,” it added.

However, when Xiaomi compared to its Chinese peers – had a lower per unit profit of $2 (Rs.128) as it plays on very thin margins, the report said.

“This is the first time ever when the increasing profits of Chinese brands crossed $1.5 billion (roughly Rs. 9600 crores) for the first in a single quarter,” Counterpoint Associate Director Tarun Pathak stated.”The increasing growth of Chinese brands can be impute to the attentive efforts in streamlining the supply chain with rising mix of mid to high-end smartphones in their portfolio,” he said adding that even in the exclusive segment, players like Huawei are positioning their flagship models.

“This strategy is made to impale exclusive market while increasing revenue and profit,”

Apple consider for just about 60 p.c of the entire earnings generated in cell handset phase, acquired through Samsung (26 p.c) and Huawei (four.nine p.c). Oppo and Vivo captured fourth and 5th spot, basically pushed through their efficiency in China.
Counterpoint Research Director Neil Shah said Apple still generates more than $150 (roughly Rs. 9600) profit per iPhone sold and this will continue increase into the holiday season quarter, afloat by the high price iPhone X series.

Bitcoin the Virtual Currency

Bitcoin the virtual currency

The world’s largest virtual currency Bitcoin has outstretched very high level where it is unbearable for you not to think about to lay out money in this scheme. The first bitcoin statement and confirmation conceptualization was published in 2009. Bitcoin represents a payment platform that working on completely digital currency. Bitcoin is the first localized register payment network that is powered by its users with no middlemen or central authority or middlemen. Everyday Bitcoin is setting up a new standard, attract you to become a part of this unpredictable financial cycle.

Bitcoins provides a personal bitcoin wallet and permits a user to send and receive bitcoins with each other. Bitcoin is nothing more than the mobile app or computer program, Bitcoin recorded all transactions at all times made. A transaction authenticity is protected through digital signatures. All users have full control over sending bitcoins virtual currency from their own addresses. Anyone can undertake transactions using the computing power of specialized hardware and receive a reward in bitcoins for this service.

Bitcoin Virtual wallets with unique keys, transactions are done by transferring bitcoins from one user wallet to other user wallet in a cryptographic process that is verified by computers across the bitcoin network.

The bitcoin technology with the protocol and the cryptography has a strong security track record, and the bitcoin network is possibly the largest distributed computing project in the globe. Several online firms such as WordPress, Namecheap, Reddit and Flattr are already using bitcoin. It is new concept but it is developing fast.

The technology is in an investigation phase and still needs to grow a lot if it wishes to become an actively and widely used currency. Although it becomes less experimental as usage grows, it is exploring idea that has never been attempted before. It is still too early to say whether the technology is a hit or a miss.

Artificial Intelligence – An Overview

Artificial Intelligence

Technology moves at high- speed, and we now have more power in our budget than we had in our homes in the 1990s. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon be at the heart of every major technological in the world. It has the potential to completely change how we live, work and get around. If electricity and the internet changed humanity forever in the 20th century, then AI will in the 21st.

Artificial Intelligence trends are one of the top media channels in the Artificial Intelligence. It is shaping many industries as compared to other technologies. AI is also growing faster as scientists and engineers are doing research at rapid space. Also they research on other domain like cyber security, payment and financial markets, biotech, healthcare, marketing, computer vision etc.

We can expect, one day AI significantly impact our everyday lives. Just like other technology, there are many different ways you can learn about AI. Finding useful information becomes major challenge today for the people because there is a lot of information is available on web. Also, liberate of self-driving cars is just an example of increasing AI growth. Recently, only AI seems to capture the attention of people’s, the reality is that AI has been around for over 60 years as a technological discipline.

Artificial Intelligence is upgrading the quality, speed, and cost of goods and services, it is also replacing large numbers of workers. Instead of hiring additional workers, many businesses continue to automate their operations. In 2016 major companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others are also investing heavily in AI research and the result are quite noticeable. Referred to as AI, technology based companies are struggling to translate it into consumer products and services such as virtual reality and smart home systems, but other industries such as health care, manufacturing and transportation are also assured for transformation.

A Glimpse into the Future of Computing

A Glimpse into the Future of Computing

Touch is changing how we interact with computers, and locomotion control can do the same. Now touchscreens have moved the human interaction with computer beyond the monopoly of the mouse-keyboard union for the first time in 30 years. Evolutions in computing are driving the transformation of whole systems of production, management, and governance.

Artificial intelligence and advanced robotics are developing by the companies like Google, IBM, etc. Google has come up with autonomous cars and IBM has evolved IBM-Watson.

The Virtual reality is also a future technology which has come up with Oculus Rift. The intelligent robots and better computer interaction will definitely improve our way of living and make our life affluent.

In 2016, the number of connected devices will touch 10 billion, and this number of mobile devices will exceed the human population in coming year. Devices connected to the Net will range from cell phones, laptops, tablets, and the millions of devices based on the ‘Internet of things’.

A trend in computing have the capacity to make business and essential decisions by calculating patterns, trends and outliers among huge data. Predictive analytics will be a key regulation in our future and its experts will be much find after.

Predictive analytics uses statistical methods to diggings intelligence, information and patterns in structured, unstructured and streams of data. Predictive analytics will be applied across many domains, including banking, insurance, retail, telecom and energy etc.
Why should the world care about the future of computing?

Today computers are everything for us. We still have an image of computers as being rectangular objects either on a desk or these days it is in our pockets. Increasingly computers are no longer objects at all, but computers are spread all over and virtually other material. Because of that, we actually do need to care about what the future of computing grasp because it is obviously going to impact our day to day lives.

Smart Retail POS(Point of Sale) system: A brief Introduction

Smart Retail POS system

Smart Retail developed one purpose Of Sale software system to cater for numerous differing kinds of companies (Smart-Trade Retail Management System®) that is tailor created, with inbuilt system switches, for each retail outlet, fast service, franchise stores, restaurants, liquor stores, butcheries, canteens.

Smart Retail beliefs to bring a comprehensive product into the market that permits the user to vary the method of doing ancient business, to be ready to incorporate new ideas to maximize profit while not the frustrations that this software system can’t incorporate your ideas, as a result of your software system are market specific.

Smart-Trade Retail Management System® may be a reliable and reasonable complete Back of House system with a front terminal answer to supply a comprehensive full proof tired One POS system. The ability subsides within the proven fact that changes on Smart-Trade are often created at any front of house terminal provided the user has the mandatory security level on the Smart-Trade user account.

Smart Retail has developed a software package to assist the key players within the store to raised perceive and understood the daily grinding of the shop. Smart-Trade conjointly improved the front computer program by creating it tremendously user friendly as an example minimize the keystrokes to finish an acquisition and permit the system to support multiple sale screens for various store departments or to setup every terminal as required by the various department outlet sorts.

Smart-Trade Retail Management System® caters for extra desires that arise in running a well steered ship. These embrace workplace automation, networking and also the ability to interlink with CCTV system.

Smart Retail offers the foremost recent hardware solutions and area unit perpetually on the lookout for brand spanking new technology on the market to feature to the opposite advantages all prepared obtainable within the system, developed particularly with the business in mind, these embrace client back displays capable of running live packaging and future specials as they started, liquid crystal display digital shelf talkers etc.

Smart Retail concentrates terribly powerfully on client service, as we tend to do perceive that your purpose of sale plays a really vital role in any retail/hospitality business. Once the system is down, the risks area unit high.

What is an m-health technology? Importance & Applications

m-health technology

Mobile health technology, or mHealth, may be a speedily developing considers health care these days, promising to create health care higher and a lot of economical. Consistent with a recent survey, eighty three p.c of physicians within the U.S. already use mobile health technology or mHealth to produce patient care.

  1. as a result of this is often such a replacement and dynamical field, there’s no set definition for mobile health technology or mHealth. Mobile health technology is that the use of smartphones, tablets and different mobile devices to deliver health care and preventive health services.

But, on the far side formal definitions and theory, wherever will mHealth acquire practice? Health care suppliers use mobile health technology to:

  • Access clinical data (e.g., through mobile health apps and mobile-enabled EHRs),
  • Collaborate with care groups (e.g., with secure text messaging),
  • Communicate with patients (e.g., through patient portals),
  • supply period of time observation of patients, and
  • offer health care remotely, additionally referred to as telemedicine.

Patients use mobile health technology to:

  • Track their own health information through mHealth apps and devices just like the Fitbit®,
  • Access their clinical records through mobile-enabled patient portals, and
  • Communicate with their suppliers (e.g., through HIPAA compliant e-mail and secure text messaging).

Mobile health technology is additionally a crucial tool in rising the health of patients in underdeveloped nations. In 2011, seventieth of the world’s 5 billion mobile wireless subscribers were in low- or middle-income countries. Mobile health technology permits government health officers to increase their extend to rural or impoverished areas. In fact, eighty three of the 112 member states of the globe Health Organization have a minimum of one mHealth initiative in their country.

  1. Despite the promise and widespread use of mobile health technology, health care leaders want solutions for variety of distinctive challenges. These challenges embody protective the privacy of patient data shared on mobile devices, guaranteeing the ability of mobile health technology with EHRs and different health technology, and crucial that mHealth apps square measure safest and only.

Self-Driving Car Technology: Apple’s Contribution

Self-Driving Car Technology

As new staff were brought into Apple’s secret effort to form a self-driving automotive a couple of years past, A product that might strive against metropolis and disrupt the auto trade.

The company has shelved associate notion of an Apple-branded autonomous vehicle and is instead functioning on the underlying technology that enables a automotive to drive itself.

The shuttle can seemingly be an ad vehicle from associate car manufacturer and Apple can use it to check the autonomous driving technology that it develops.

Apple’s testing vehicles can carry staff between its numerous geographic region offices. The new effort is named PAIL, short for Palo Alto to Infinite Loop.

The company additionally employed engineers like an expert in building cars, associated not simply the software system that might run an autonomous vehicle.
which prefers to regulate each facet of a product, from the software system that runs it to the planning and feel of the hardware.

The employees dedicated to Project Titan checked out a large vary of details. That enclosed motorized doors that opened and closed wordlessly. They additionally studied ways that to revamp a automotive interior while not a hand wheel or gas pedals, and that they worked on adding virtual or increased reality into interior displays.

The team additionally worked on a replacement lightweight and travel detection detector, additionally referred to as measuring instrument. Apple, as continually centered on clean styles, needed to try and do away with the awkward cone.

Apple even looked into reinventing the wheel. A team among Titan investigated the chance of exploitation spherical wheels — spherical sort of a globe — as a result of spherical wheels may permit the automotive higher lateral movement.

But the automotive project suddenly met hassle, same the 5 individuals acquainted with it, dour by its size and by the shortage of a clearly outlined vision of what Apple needed during a vehicle. Team members complained of shifting priorities and impulsive or unreasonable deadlines.

Apple’s headlong intrude on autonomous vehicles underscores one among the most important challenges facing the company: finding successive breakthrough product.

In April, the California Department of motorized vehicles granted Apple a check allows permitting the corporate to check autonomous driving technology.

Digital/Virtual Payments System in India 2017

Digital Payments in India

In line with government reforms, top Minister Narendra Modi has driven Indians to undertake cashless transactions, giving the virtual payments area a big enhance.

What are digital bills?
Digital payments talk to digital customer transactions, which consist of bills for items and services which are revamped the net, cellular bills at point-of-sale (PoS) through cell phone programs (apps), and peer-to-peer transfers among non-public users.

Special sorts of digital payments:
From commonly used cards to newly released UPI, digital payments has many varieties of payment. A few modes intended for tech-savvies and some for much less-technical humans. Beneath are the exclusive modes of digital bills.

UPI apps
UPI or unified price interface is a price mode that’s used to make fund transfers thru the cell app. you may switch funds between bills the use of UPI apps. You’ll need to check in for mobile banking to apply UPI apps. Subsequently you could use UPI only if you have an android telephone.

AEPS is an Aadhaar primarily based virtual charge mode. The term AEPS stands for Aadhaar Enabled charge service. Customer needs handiest his or her Aadhaar range to pay to any merchant. AEPS lets in financial institution to financial institution transactions.

USSD banking is a mobile banking primarily based virtual payment mode. You could use this carrier for many economic and non-monetary operations which includes checking stability, sending money, converting MPIN and getting MMID.

Cards are given via banks to their account holders. These were the most used digital payment modes until now. Lots of us use cards for moving price range and making virtual payments. Credit playing cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards are the primary styles of cards.

  1. Debit Card
  2. Credit Card etc.

E-pockets or a cellular pocket is the digital version of your physical wallet with greater capability. You can preserve your cash in an E-pocket and use it while wished. Use the E-wallets to recharge your phone, pay at diverse locations and ship cash for your friends.