How the Growth of Mixed Reality Will Change Communication

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality, or called hybrid reality, combined real and virtual worlds to produce new surroundings where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. We used text to communicate before 5-10 years ago. Today, we share photos and videos for communication.

With Virtual Reality, tomorrow we’ll be able to communicate with experience. One of the big attractions of using VR for communication because it allows people to use some of same communication sign they use in face to face communication. Not only they can speak to one another, but users have virtual bodies that allow them to face each other, shake hands, and make a rich range of non-verbal communication indications. Finally people can interact with virtual environment around them, such as pointing to and talking about objects in the space, or playing games together. VR conferencing has a lot of prospective and therefore companies are started to investing on VR platforms.

However, Mixed Reality impacts more on communication, because of its connection back to the real world. Mixed Reality (MR) means the technology that mixes real and virtual worlds. Unlike VR, which distinct people from the real world, mixed reality seek to increase interaction in the real world or bring elements of the real world into Virtual reality.

The benefits of using Mixed Reality for remote collaboration include:
• conduct distant virtual people into a user’s real world
• enhanced distant communication signals using MR
• enabling users to share viewpoints and see through each other’s eyes
• overcoming the closure between task and communication space
• supporting natural spatial signals for distant partner

The biggest benefit is that MR communication is focused on sharing the view of a user’s human resource with a remote partner, not their face as in traditional video communications. It is more important to see what the person is working on rather than their face when you’re talking to them. Using this capability, there are a large number of domains where communication could be applied.

Machine Learning – An Overview

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that permits software implementation to become more flawless in forecasting outcomes without being direct programmed. The processes elaborate in machine learning are alike to that of data mining and predictive modeling. It is focuses on expanding computer programs that can access data, examine it and use it to learn.

The amazing growth in implementation of machine learning will define the technological trend of 2017. Their results will depend on the application adds value and benefits to society and whether it has the capacity to solve real world issues. Here are the five major trends that will define machine learning in 2017.

1. Machine learning in finance
2. Autonomous Driving
3. Space Exploration
4. Healthcare and Medicine
5. Humanitarian aid

Applied Machine Learning is challenging because the scheming of a perfect learning system for a given problem is intractable. The use of machine learning is best example for search problem for the best calculating of inputs to outputs given the understanding and methods available to you for a given project. It pilot our algorithms for demand predicting, product search ranking, product and deals guidance, fraud detection, translations and much more.

Machine learning decreases marketing expenditure because it requires very few people to be involved. It is also extremely cuts interaction costs, as a majority of customers can be kept updated on automatic emails, scheduling social-media posts and online ads or other content. Machine learning’s accuracy informs production and distribution for offline materials, too. This allows marketers to precise the right quantity and uses the most effective channels, decreases excessive costs related to overproduction.

From few years Machine learning has been quietly working on powering mobile applications and search engines. But last few days ago, it has become a more widely spread buzzword, with virtually all recent technological promotion including some aspect of machine learning. A magnificent grown in data and computing capabilities has made this exponential advancement possible.

XBOX ONE X by Microsoft


This is the answer to Sony’s PS4 Pro by Microsoft’s.

When the PS4 Pro introduce more than a year ago, it noticeable a new kind of comfort – an upgrade to the premature age group, more like a PC updated than the old comfort leaps. Now it’s Microsoft’s turn, and it’s gone all-out. Stuff with 50 per cent more graphics ability than the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X is not only the most powerful video game support ever made, but also an incredibly well-spoken multi-media entertainment hub, which even overtake the PS4 Pro in versatility.

However, as with Sony’s system, Microsoft doesn’t have an especially spacious selection of games on advance at introduced that really tap into the Xbox One X’s ability. There are select name that correctly make use of it, but right now the X is very much an expert in increasing existing games with extra bells and whistles.

Unboxing the Xbox One X disclosed a system that, weirdly, is reminiscent in terms of shape and design of Sony’s classic PlayStation 2, with a notable overhang looming over its disc slot, eject and sync buttons, alongside a front-facing USB port. The comfort carries over the tasteful pool pattern we saw first launch on the Xbox One S on its side console and is amazingly small. In terms of density, the Xbox One X feels

Inside, the Xbox One X is as spectacular as its outside. Its graphics ability is roughly equal to a mid- to high-end PC gaming GPU, which on the market today costs almost as much as the comfort itself. Having this much power means that the Xbox One X is much more capable of producing the over-eight million pixels that are needed for native 4K, while the PS4 Pro often must make do with, undoubtedly clever and convincing, upscaling trickery.

The biggest advantage of this 4K resolution is refined detail. With four times the number of pixels, even the smallest things are clearly visible, and the most distant objects are clear.

Xbox One S, while the fluidity of framerate and total occurrence endure the same, draw distance, texture details and weather effects all simply weren’t at the level of the X, with some marked downgrades.

New Camera Tech Captures 3D Faces

New camera tech captures 3d faces

At the CES 2018 in Las Vegas, a southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area start-up has expanded a new age group of selfies. A face-scanning solution is given by Bellus 3D for Android smartphones and tablets.

This Bellus3D Camera pro is a 3D face scanning camera that is made for self-scanning. Users just must attach the Face Camera Pro to their mobile phones and rotate their head from left to right then it starts generating 3D face models.

In only few seconds, it measures 500,000 points on our face to design a high-resolution face model. And more importantly, it’s quite accurate. It integrates Depth Shape technology, which rebuild 3D shape of face; and Photo-shape which catch fine face details. We can add a LED ring light to make sure the camera captures our face with perfect lighting and detail.

Depth-shape rebuild 3D shape using an infrared structured-light depth camera made for close range detecting at up to 0.4mm resolution with submillimetre correctness.

PhotoShape influence mobile device’s front-facing camera to capture face details such as skin pores and wrinkles. An optional LED ring light make sure user’s face is captured with favourable lighting and colour every time.

The company’s eyesight is to conduct affordable and easy 3D face modelling. Company’s CEO Eric Chen said that the “existing 3D scanners on the market are either too costly or not create for high-resolution face detection. Bellus 3D Face Camera will be a game changer that permit many new 3D face implementations to appear.

 The camera only works with the existing Android mobile devices. The data it captures is streamed and processed through device’s USB port. And here are some of the specifications:

  • Two 1.2MP Infrared sensors
  • One 1.2MP Colour sensor
  • Support external colour camera from 2MP to 20MP
  • Two Infrared Laser structured-light projectors
  • Working range: 25cm to 1m (optimal for face scanning at 30-60cm)
  • USB connector (powered by mobile device)
  • Dimension (w/o Ring Light): 118mm(w) x 28.5mm(h) x 20mm(d)
  • Optional LED Ring Light attachment
  • Android device SDK for capturing and processing (inquire about supported devices)

Apple Urged To Curb Child Gadget Addiction

apple urged to curb child gadget addiction

While two leading Apple lenders have taken the technology massive to job about its part in restrain smartphone addiction between children.

“There is a growing consent around the world including Silicon Valley that the future long-term outcomes of modern technologies need to be factored in at the beginning, and no company can outsource that authority,” the letter said, adding later: “Apple can play a clarifying role in sign to the industry that reimburse particular attention to the health and development of the next age group is both good for business and the right thing to do.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that parents prioritize on-screen liveliness with their children and try to reduce screen time for 2- to 5-year-olds to one hour of “excellence” programming per day. For children age 6 and older, the AAP says screen time limits should be “stable,” according to the organization’s website, and not take the place of other important action such as sleep and physical activity. Parents should appoint “media-free” times and should limit media to definite areas of a home.

Among the lenders suggestion to Apple: initiate an specialist committee counting child development specialists; offer Apple’s huge guidance to researchers; and increase mobile device software so that parents have more alternative to save their children’s health.

The letter mention numerous studies and surveys on how the massive utilization of smartphones and social media negatively influence children’s mental and physical health. Examples involve disturbance by digital technologies in the classroom, a reduces capabilities of students to focus on educational tasks, and higher possibility of suicide and depression.

The lenders letter indicates increasing worry around the world about what the durable influence will be of utilizing mobile phones and social media, mainly for those who start to use at a premature age.

The two lenders collectively control $2 billion value of Apple portion. While technology industries have not admitted publicly that their gadgets may be addictive, some Silicon Valley member have start to speak to the news media about how gadgets, mobiles and social media sites are drafted to be addictive and to keep users’ observation if possible.

Hydroelectric Power Goes Digital

Hydroelectric Power Goes Digital

Transformations in hydropower efficiency are move suddenly into the digital area to meet rising energy demands. Digitisation innovations are changing the way in which hydropower plants will be operated and maintained in the future.

The trend towards improving digitisation in hydropower through its knowledge-building programme is closely observe by IHA. According to the International Hydropower Association (IHA), by 2030, over half of the world’s hydropower plants are expected to need upgrade and modernisation or have already been renovated.

Last month in Addis Ababa, at a meeting of the African Union’s Specialised Technical Committee on Communication and ICT Ministers concluded that “digitisation is the appreciable moment for Africa to operate the fundamental changes of the world in the 21st century, if wisely harnessed and mainstreamed”.

In the digitization of hydropower sector, control systems and surrounding networks is a developing industry trend towards optimizing asset management and performance. The total outcome will be an increase in output, reduction in costs and expansion of hydropower abilities.

Equipment manufacturers are holding digitization to widen their scope of services. Digital control systems and software can play a key role in enhancing decision-making and supporting hydro operations to work more effectively with other renewable technologies.

Electric utilities will spend $90 billion executing digital technologies, by 2020. The digital innovation of hydro-power is a wide trend with the potential to positive impact power networks around the world.

The first power generation technology is investing in the digital revolution of the twenty-first century. The global outstretch of legacy hydro-power infrastructure and a century of operating experience have put hydro-power to enlarge its condemnatory role in digitally innovative power networks of the future. As expected, powered by new hydro-power transformations such as digital technologies, the International Energy Agency (IEA) expects hydro-power output to double by 2050.

Emotional Intelligence – Overview and Skills

Emotional Intelligence

EI is nothing but Emotional Quotient which is the composition of Interpersonal Effectiveness and Intrapersonal Effectiveness. Emotional Intelligence sometimes also called EI or EQ. The term “Emotional Intelligence” was coined in 1990 by two scientists, Peter Salovery and John D. Mayer. They described it as “a form of social intelligence that includes the capacity to monitor one’s own and other’s feeling and emotions, to differentiate among them, and to use this information to pilot ones thinking and action.

EI is very much important in the workplace- even more robust than the traditional measure of intelligence- IQ. People with a high EQ are better teammates and better leaders than people with a high IQ.

Emotional Intelligence is exhibit in all different situations and under all kinds of stress and with well-developed EQ, it can mean that outside perspectives-good or bad-can help us learn and grow.

Emotional Intelligence has a lot to do with a person’s temperament and how they show themselves among others. This attentiveness in calculating intelligence has led to many people believing that having a higher IQ means an individual is more intelligent, and the natural accomplishment was that he or she would be more successful in life. Emotionally Intelligent people are respectful of others, but they are not unworthy. They know when to say no so that they are not dumbfound.

The six emotional intelligence skills or EQ competencies that make up insight are:
• Self-Actualization
• Optimism
• Self-Regard
• Social Responsibility
• Interpersonal Relationships
• Emotional Expression

These days, more companies are looking to hire people with high EI. 71% managers are state that EI is more important to hiring and promotion decisions than IQ. More specifically, 59 percent of hiring managers say that they would not hire applicants with a high IQ and low EI.

Apple Earned $151 Profit Per iPhone in Q3 2017

Apple Earned $151 Profit Per iPhone in Q3 2017

Apple’s average profit per handset was $151 (around Rs. 9,600) in the July-September quarter, five times greater than that of its nearest rival Samsung, on the basis of research firm Counterpoint. Counterpoint reported in its ‘Market Monitor program for Q3 2017’ report. The report noted that the all over world mobile handset profits had grown 13 percent year-on-year in the July-September 2017 quarter .”

Samsung, which had some of the foremost collection of fashions throughout value bands in its portfolio, had a benefit in keeping with unit of $31 (roughly Rs. 1,900) in the same period, Counterpoint reported in its ‘Market Monitor program for Q3 2017’ report. The portfolio is famous in the worldwide because mobile handset earnings had grown 13% year-on-year in the July-September 2017 quarter “due to strong performance of Samsung and Chinese brands”.

“Apple’s per unit profit is five times greater than Samsung and almost 14 times greater than the average per unit profit of Chinese brands. Apple’s per unit profit rise at $151 (roughly Rs. 9600) in Q3 2017,” the file stated.

“Strong comeback made by Samsung in the third quarter with its Note 8 series while S8 series continues to perform on par. The profit quota reached 26 percent as compared to its loss during Q3 2016 due to Note 7 failure,” it added.

However, when Xiaomi compared to its Chinese peers – had a lower per unit profit of $2 (Rs.128) as it plays on very thin margins, the report said.

“This is the first time ever when the increasing profits of Chinese brands crossed $1.5 billion (roughly Rs. 9600 crores) for the first in a single quarter,” Counterpoint Associate Director Tarun Pathak stated.”The increasing growth of Chinese brands can be impute to the attentive efforts in streamlining the supply chain with rising mix of mid to high-end smartphones in their portfolio,” he said adding that even in the exclusive segment, players like Huawei are positioning their flagship models.

“This strategy is made to impale exclusive market while increasing revenue and profit,”

Apple consider for just about 60 p.c of the entire earnings generated in cell handset phase, acquired through Samsung (26 p.c) and Huawei (four.nine p.c). Oppo and Vivo captured fourth and 5th spot, basically pushed through their efficiency in China.
Counterpoint Research Director Neil Shah said Apple still generates more than $150 (roughly Rs. 9600) profit per iPhone sold and this will continue increase into the holiday season quarter, afloat by the high price iPhone X series.

Bitcoin the Virtual Currency

Bitcoin the virtual currency

The world’s largest virtual currency Bitcoin has outstretched very high level where it is unbearable for you not to think about to lay out money in this scheme. The first bitcoin statement and confirmation conceptualization was published in 2009. Bitcoin represents a payment platform that working on completely digital currency. Bitcoin is the first localized register payment network that is powered by its users with no middlemen or central authority or middlemen. Everyday Bitcoin is setting up a new standard, attract you to become a part of this unpredictable financial cycle.

Bitcoins provides a personal bitcoin wallet and permits a user to send and receive bitcoins with each other. Bitcoin is nothing more than the mobile app or computer program, Bitcoin recorded all transactions at all times made. A transaction authenticity is protected through digital signatures. All users have full control over sending bitcoins virtual currency from their own addresses. Anyone can undertake transactions using the computing power of specialized hardware and receive a reward in bitcoins for this service.

Bitcoin Virtual wallets with unique keys, transactions are done by transferring bitcoins from one user wallet to other user wallet in a cryptographic process that is verified by computers across the bitcoin network.

The bitcoin technology with the protocol and the cryptography has a strong security track record, and the bitcoin network is possibly the largest distributed computing project in the globe. Several online firms such as WordPress, Namecheap, Reddit and Flattr are already using bitcoin. It is new concept but it is developing fast.

The technology is in an investigation phase and still needs to grow a lot if it wishes to become an actively and widely used currency. Although it becomes less experimental as usage grows, it is exploring idea that has never been attempted before. It is still too early to say whether the technology is a hit or a miss.

Artificial Intelligence – An Overview

Artificial Intelligence

Technology moves at high- speed, and we now have more power in our budget than we had in our homes in the 1990s. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon be at the heart of every major technological in the world. It has the potential to completely change how we live, work and get around. If electricity and the internet changed humanity forever in the 20th century, then AI will in the 21st.

Artificial Intelligence trends are one of the top media channels in the Artificial Intelligence. It is shaping many industries as compared to other technologies. AI is also growing faster as scientists and engineers are doing research at rapid space. Also they research on other domain like cyber security, payment and financial markets, biotech, healthcare, marketing, computer vision etc.

We can expect, one day AI significantly impact our everyday lives. Just like other technology, there are many different ways you can learn about AI. Finding useful information becomes major challenge today for the people because there is a lot of information is available on web. Also, liberate of self-driving cars is just an example of increasing AI growth. Recently, only AI seems to capture the attention of people’s, the reality is that AI has been around for over 60 years as a technological discipline.

Artificial Intelligence is upgrading the quality, speed, and cost of goods and services, it is also replacing large numbers of workers. Instead of hiring additional workers, many businesses continue to automate their operations. In 2016 major companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others are also investing heavily in AI research and the result are quite noticeable. Referred to as AI, technology based companies are struggling to translate it into consumer products and services such as virtual reality and smart home systems, but other industries such as health care, manufacturing and transportation are also assured for transformation.