Smart personal assistance devices are used in order to connect with the different smart devices present in the home environment. These smart personal assistance devices include smart home kits, smart speakers, smart glasses etc. in order to help people get things done in the real world. Smart device makers offer home kits or smart personal assistance devices in order to provide a smarter experience by offering innovative solutions.

Amazon’s Echo is one of the leading products in smart personal assistance market as it provides smart hub. Echo is connected to the voice-controlled personal assistant service called Alexa. Google Home is another product in smart personal assistance market, which is a smart speaker that enables users to speak voice instructions to interact with services through the home’s intelligent personal assistant called Google Assistant. It integrates with home automation features to control various smart home appliances.

Currently, these smart appliances are assistant-enabled, and there is a possibility of also embedding this digital assistant Artificial intelligence based technology in order to offer innovative smart home solutions.  Presence of prominent players in personal assistance market is expected to drive growth of smart personal assistant devices market.

Smart Personal Assistance Devices Market: Market Dynamics

High network connectivity and rising need to increase consumer accessibility are expected to drive the smart personal assistance devices market.

The rise in compatibility issues and increased power consumption can hamper the growth of smart personal assistance devices market.

Growing usage of the fitness tracker, smart glasses, and other smart devices are creating opportunities for smart personal assistance devices Market.

Global Smart Personal Assistance Devices Market: Market Segmentation

Segmentation Overview

Smart Personal Assistance Devices market segmented by devices and region.

Segmentation by devices in Smart Personal Assistance Devices market:

  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple Home Kit

Global Smart Personal Assistance Devices Market: Competition Landscape

Few prominent players in Smart Personal Assistance Devices market includeGoogle Inc., Apple Inc., Inc, Microsoft Corporation and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd etc.

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